Waxing Prices

Full leg - £28

3/4 leg - £26

1/2 leg - £22

Underarm - £8

Upper leg - £24

1/2 leg and bikini - £30

Full leg and bikini - £38

Upper Leg and bikini - £34

1/2 arm - £18

Full arm - £22

Full face (inc. eyebrows) - £25

Eyebrow shaping - £8

Nostrils - £7


For Brazilian and Hollywood waxes we use a Azulene Gel wax which is gentler and kinder to the skin, providing a quicker and more effective waxing method.

Azulene is derived from the steam distillation of Camomile flowers.


Azulene is known for its soothing and calming properties. Azulene oil helps reduce skin inflammation. Soothes irritated skin and keeps it moisturised. It helps aleviate any redness and swelling of the skin.  This gel wax is used at lower temperatures than other traditional waxes which prevents burning, reddening and reduces skin irritation during and after the process of hair removal. All of the spatulas we use are disposable for hygiene reasons.


Brazilian (10 mins) - £27

Extended bikini - £22

Hollywood (15 mins) - £29

Full bottom - £20

All of these options include inside the bottom.

Leaving you silky smooth

Do you dread regular at-home grooming? Let our beauty therapists talk you through our waxing options for longer lasting results. Our waxing treatments are available for men and women. Make an appointment in our London salon. We offer our services to customers throughout Holborn, Covent Garden and Russell Square areas.

Face sides - £10

Lip - £7

Chin - £7

Bikini - £16

Back - £30

Chest - £15

Stomach - £15

Brazilian - £27

Hollywood - £29

Extended bikini - £22

Nipples - £7

Bottom - £20


Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing

We use a non-sticky gel wax which works very well on sensitive skin. It is a specialised

formulation that is ideal for sensitive skin or those prone to allergic reactions.


This wax can be heated at a lower temperature for enhanced comfort. The gel bubble-gum like texture gently allows the wax to stick to the hair and not to the skin allowing hair to be removed from the roots and not snapped off.


The correct removal of unwanted hair allows it to grow back thinner, finer and with no ingrown hairs. Leaving skin silky smooth.

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Appointments available if you are in Holborn, Covent Garden and Russell Square, and throughout London