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Treatments are carried out by qualified beauty therapists within our modern salon in London. Serving Holborn, Covent Garden and Russell Square

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The M-Pen Microneedling is a type of treatment that uses small needles to cause tiny punctures in the skin.


The tiny punctures in the skin encourages the body to create a wound healing response & renews the skin cells. As the skin repairs, the production of collagen & elastin is triggered to give a plumping effect. It also treats acne scarring, dark marks, ageing & hair loss.


Choose one of the following solutions:



Pigmentation & whitening effect. It has a Tyriosine inhibitory formula. Slows down melanin synthesis. Unifies skin tone restoring brigtness & vitality.


It treats acne scars & stretchmarks, prevents their appearance. Stimulates cell repair & restructures breakage of the protein network in the dermis.


Reduces and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Works in a similar way to botulinum toxin. Enhances skin effectiveness of botulinum toxin & can be used instead of it.

An antioxidant, moisturizing & firming. Protects the skin from environmental aggression & other factors such as; stress, fatigue, smoking, pollution etc. Corrects & reduces fine lines, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, counteracts loss of tone & adds luminosity.



A powerful hair follicle protector & stimulator. Slows capillary ageing. Revitalizes and strengthens hair. Improved micro circulation & nutrients supply to the hair follicle. Increases blood circulation to the scalp.


At the end of each treatment a crystal fiber mask drenched in Hyaluronic Acid is applied to the face.